ONSITE Temperature Checks

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CHC Wellbeing is offering an onsite temperature screening service to help employers maintain a healthy and safe worksite.

Whether you are currently managing a staff of essential workers or preparing for remote employees transitioning back to the worksite, an onsite temperature screening can provide peace of mind for your employees, customers and community. Protect your people and your operations with this simple, yet effective, safety measure.

The CHC Temperature Check program is compliant with recent EEOC guidelines allowing companies to screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms. It is built upon CHC’s two decades of experience in managing onsite preventive health events.


Our Comprehensive Program Includes:

Employee Education
Employee Education
  • Information shared in advance with employees to prepare them for the onsite experience when they arrive at work
  • Helpful resource links for learning about COVID-19 symptoms, treatment, testing and more
  • Guidance for self-assessment of COVID symptoms at home before coming to work
Site Management
Site Management
  • Trained temperature check staff, including dedicated program lead
  • Well-planned onsite process to facilitate efficient screenings of all employees prior to entering the premises
  • Thorough safety and sanitation measures, including social distancing for employees and personal protective equipment for CHC screeners
  • Clear instructions for employees who are dismissed with high temperature reading
Customizable Protocols
Customizable Protocols
  • Templated protocols available for clients, including screening flow, escalation procedures and return to work policies
  • Ability to adjust protocols based on client’s specific needs
Insightful Reporting
Insightful Reporting
  • Daily temperature logs provided to HR team
  • Clients can use reports to measure workforce health, communicate with affected individuals and specifically to track eligibility for return to work policies
Participant Follow-up
Participant Follow Up
  • All employees who are sent home will receive a follow up call from CHC
  • Employees will be reminded to contact their employer, as well as their physician for next steps

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CHC Wellbeing offers a full suite of preventive health and wellbeing improvement solutions, including onsite temperature checks, flu shot events, biometric screenings, member portals, wellness reward programs, health coaching, financial wellness and more. Click here for the full CHC story. 

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