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Antibody Testing

Help your employees feel more comfortable returning to work and increase your understanding of potential immunity within your workforce with immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody testing from CHC Wellbeing. This blood test checks for a specific type of antibody resulting from past exposure to COVID-19. In partnership with LabCorp, CHC is now offering antibody testing to employers nationwide.

Key Facts for IgG Testing

  • We have chosen to administer Abbott’s IgG test, which has demonstrated high accuracy (99%+) and has received FDAemergency use authorization (EUA).

  • IgG testing doesn’t screen for active COVID-19 infections, but it can be used to help identify those who may have been previously exposed to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the COVID-19 infection.

  • While it’s not yet clear whether individuals with IgG antibodies are protected from future infection, experience with other viruses suggests those with antibodies may be able to resume work and other daily activities.

  • Understanding their past exposure to COVID-19 and whether antibodies are present can offer peace of mind to employees and help them make decisions regarding their personal health. It also shows a commitment to workplace safety on behalf of your organization.

  • As am employer, having population-level metrics on antibody prevalence within your workforce can provide you with valuable insight. This information will be even more actionable as we learn more about the IgG antibodies and what level and duration of immunity they offer.

Why CHC Wellbeing?


CHC leverages two decades of experience in performing onsite preventive health screenings to create turnkey events for clients. We will support you at every step of the way from communication to reporting.


Options for onsite, off premises and remote testing are available. Employers can also couple antibody testing with other preventive health offerings, such as biometric screenings, onsite temperature checks or flu shots.

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This is an uncertain time for everyone. CHC’s staff is committed to a convenient, caring process that makes employees feel safe and protected. Our COVID-19 protocols ensure we are taking proper steps to sanitize the testing area and maintain social distancing among participants.

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